Petroleum Place is a leading provider of property Acquisition and Divestiture (A&D) services, business operations software and geospatial data solutions for the upstream oil and gas industry. The company offers comprehensive, integrated solutions specifically designed to help our clients more efficiently acquire, develop, manage, divest and account for oil and gas properties. We have more than 500 employees in six major office locations, including Houston, Denver, San Antonio, Ft. Worth, Calgary and Dubai. Our clients are national oil companies, integrated energy companies, independent exploration and production companies, royalty trusts, oilfield service companies and government entities.

Our major business divisions include:

Property Marketplace (A&D) Services - The Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse subsidiary, commonly known as “The Clearinghouse”, is the only oil and gas asset marketing firm in North America offering both auction and negotiated transaction services. We offer a unique hybrid marketing approach which combines an open-outcry auction with a proprietary Internet bidding platform to create the industry’s largest marketplace for oil and gas properties. In addition, The Clearinghouse provides advisory and marketing services for assets grouped into packages and offered for sale as negotiated transactions. Our transaction services include in-depth technical and commercial evaluations conducted by The Clearinghouse’s engineers and geoscientists in an effort to identify, quantify and present undeveloped reserve potential in a credible fashion. Buyers and sellers use our comprehensive suite of data management and technical services to more efficiently prepare properties for sale, conduct due diligence and complete transactions.

Business Operations Software & Services - The P2 Energy Solutions subsidiary develops and markets software which is used to manage the complex processes associated with operating and accounting for oil and gas properties. Our product offerings include Enterprise Upstream, Excalibur, Qbyte, Tobin – TLS & GIS, and Entelligent application suites. Our professional services team offerings include application implementation and integration services, data conversion, application and data hosting services. Finally, our PFI division provides business process outsourcing (BPO) of most upstream accounting and administrative functions.

Geospatial Data & Services - The Tobin Data division of our P2 Energy Solutions subsidiary offers mission critical data with GIS software and imagery to create a comprehensive spatial data management solution for our customers. In the United States we offer seven separate data products containing over 70 data layers including well location coordinates, land survey grids, culture grids, lease ownership, aerial photography and satellite imagery.


Our world–class portfolio of products and services are delivered through out 2 principal corporate subsidiaries, and 3 major brands :

Property Marketplace (A&D)Services Business Operation Software
Software & Services
The Oil & Gas Clearinghouse    P2 Energy Solutions

      Geospatial Data
    P2 Energy Solutions/Tobin